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Our Vision

  • To be the most respected and admired company built on an enduring foundation of financial health grounded in strong Corporate Governance and citizenship, fueled by innovation, passion and talent.

  • To gain leadership in the markets we serve, by surpassing the expectations of our customers and consistently honouring our obligations.

  • To be recognized for our social conscience by supporting the well being of our colleagues, environment and communities.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe that:

  • Our customers determine our success.

  • Each day has new possibilities.

  • Continuous learning and self mastery will keep us ahead of the competition.

  • We must navigate change with strength, courage, innovation, talent and discipline.

  • Long-term relationships are built on integrity, high credibility, mutual respect and honour.

  • Profit and growth are key measures of success that allow us to fulfill our obligations to customers; shareholders; reward our employees; and meet other objectives.