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How to Report a Motor Accident

  • Exchange vital information with the other driver involved in the accident. Write down the following information pertaining to parties to the accident:
    • Name of all parties including drivers and passengers
    • Vehicle registration numbers
    • Telephone numbers
    • Addresses
    • Details of Insurances - Name of Insured, Insurer, Policy and Certificate Numbers, Expiry date.

  • Write down the names, telephone numbers and addresses of all witnesses to the accident.

  • Report the matter to the nearest police station. Take the name and number of the officer to whom the report is made.

  • Do not admit fault before checking with your insurer.

  • Report the matter as early as possible to the Insurance Company together with all the relevant supporting documents.

  • Obtain an estimate of repair/replacement/reinstatement costs.

  • Co-operate with your insurance company in all matters dealing with the accident. This will assist with a speedy claim settlement.