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  • "COVERSMART is a solid investment. It's the one policy that allows me to save money and know my business, employees and customers are all covered."


  • Fire

  • Business Income / Interruption

  • Burglary

  • Money

  • Glass

  • Goods in Transit

  • Public Liability

  • Workmen’s Compensation

About COVERSMART Insurance

COVERSMART is designed for small and medium sized businesses that understand the importance of insuring the company's assets and securing its employees. This allows the policy holder to gain from the following benefits:

  • There is only one policy to manage instead of eight (8) policies.

  • They will save by opting for our unique packaged product versus paying for each policy.

  • Key exposures of the business are protected and clients will be able to recover from any insured perils.

  • Superior customer service will consistently be delivered.

  • A User friendly policy is in place that is easy to understand.

  • Prompt claims settlement is guaranteed.

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COVERSMART Protects Against

1. Fire

In the event that a fire destroys your building or contents resulting in loss of income.

2. Burglary

A ‘break-in’ on your premises resulting in theft or damage to property.

3. Glass

Replace your glass display units, doors, windows or mirrors following accidental breakage.

4. Public Liability

Covers your legal liability to Third parties arising out of negligence at your premises.

5. Business Income /

Meet your fixed business expenses after sustaining a loss up to a maximum of $5,000 per day for a period of 30 days.

6. Money

Covers loss of cash from your premises or whilst being transported to or from the bank.

7. Goods in Transit

Compensation for loss of your goods or merchandise whilst being transported to or from your business place.

8. Workmen's

Covers legal liability to employees who sustain accidental personal injury while performing their duties.

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Businesses Eligible for COVERSMART

Coverage for boutiques, home furnishings and other speciality stores.
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Trade and ServicesTrade and Services
Complete protection for trade and services companies.
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Office & ProfessionalOffice & Professional
Coverage for medical, travel and other professional service companies.
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Reliable coverage for businesses operating in the hospitality industry.
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COVERSMART Application Requirements

Applicants that meet our eligibility criteria are simply required to do the following:

  1. Complete a Proposal Form.

  2. Provide two forms of identification for the principals.

  3. Provide a copy of the Certificate of Registration where applicable.

Should you require assistance to acquire insurance for any risks that are not eligible under COVERSMART then contact our Underwriting Department, Business Development Team or any of our Branch Offices for support.

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