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If you have already received a quote from TRINRE and would like to purchase insurance then:

  1. Complete the corresponding PDF proposal form by either:

    a. Completing the form online (see detailed instructions on Submitting Your Proposal Online below)


    b. Printing the form, filling it out by hand, and taking it in to the TRINRE branch office nearest to you.

  2. Please be sure to review your information and ensure that it is accurate and current before providing to TRINRE.

  3. In addition to your completed proposal form, kindly provide the required documentation listed below to assist in the expedition of the process.

Kindly note that your insurance will not come into effect until the Proposal Form is signed and the premium paid. A TRINRE representative will contact you within two working days to complete processing.

If you have not yet received a quote and would like to prior to purchasing insurance, you can either request a quote online or call 800-TRIN.

Submitting Your Application Online

If you wish to Submit your completed PDF proposal form online, once you've completed your form:

  • Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form. A popup window will appear asking you to identify the option which best describes how you send email.

  • If you currently use an email application such as Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Eurdora or Mail, then choose "Desktop Email Application" and click OK. Your desktop email application will automatically open a new message window with your completed PDF form attached, as well as the To: and Subject: fields already filled in. Simply click Send to submit your completed PDF proposal form to TRINRE.

  • If you currently use an Internet email service such as Gmail, Microsoft Hotmail or Yahoo, choose "Internet Email." You will then be prompted to save your completed PDF form so that you can manually email it as an attachment to an email message with the Subject: Get a Quote to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using your Internet email service.

In addition to your proposal form, you will need...

  1. Driver's Permit and one other form of identification
  2. Certified Copy of vehicle
  3. NCD letter from previous Insurer (if applicable)
  4. Most recent Valuation.
Property: Homeowners
  1. Two forms of ID.
Property: Commercial
  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. List of Directors
  3. Company returns for last period.

Proposal Forms

The following forms require Adobe Reader 9.1 or higher.
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