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TRINRE FoundationOur Mission

To satisfy the needs of our policyholders and a wider responsibility to encourage the growth and development of our staff and citizens.

TRINRE's philosophy is based on the six needs scorecard which promotes the holistic development of the organization and allows the company to concretize the realization of its vision. Established on the company's cornerstone values of Respect, Honour and Purpose, the TRINRE Foundation's thrust is directed towards education, leadership development and recognition and will provide support to endeavours that align with these pillars.

As one of the six pillars of this model, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) addresses in part the company's spiritual needs and connection with the community. The TRINRE Foundation is the umbrella body through which the company's CSR strategies are implemented.

Since its inception in 2010, TRINRE has already engaged in a number of sponsorships and donations. The TRINRE Spirit of Leadership Award is the flagship award of The TRINRE Foundation to recognize outstanding leadership qualities of our people. Two recipients of the award to date are:

  • Inaugural Award to the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Association (TTAGA) in 2010 for outstanding leadership amongst the gymnasts.
    2nd Annual TRINRE National Gymnastics Awards in 2011.

  • Former Director, Dr. Dennis Lalor for outstanding service to TRINRE.